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SAINTZ | The brand new pop dance group from the UK.
Pure feel good songs with a sound airing on pop with a heavy drop.


They've been working behind the scenes bringing fresh content as of 2021. With the main aim to use their music to connect with young people across the globe. New members, Destiny Owen and Danny Stephenson, will use their mainstream platform to promote a life full of hope and purpose - even when the world can say otherwise!

Saintz, although faced with an unexpected start online, have connected with young people via live stream and social media to encourage their audience not to give up during difficulties but to live life to the full. As we can see, this message of hope is needed more than ever before!

As of now, Saintz have already made an appearance on the online Illuminate High School Tour, alongside existing band LZ7. The content delivered carefully tackles contemporary topics such as racism, online presence, and resilience. Also including virtual gigs for those in the classroom or at home!


The future looks bright for Saintz as they will be on gigs, festivals, mainstream tours, and illuminate school tours. 

Saintz first feature was on the hit single "Gettin Wild" by LZ7, followed by releasing their first single "You'll Always Find a Way" in April 2021. This was remixed by DJ Cutmore (producer for Kiss FM UK) & DJ Kelvin Wood. This remix has amassed more than 80,000 plays and hit the UK Commercial Pop Chart.

Saintz also released a music video for "You'll Always Find a Way", currently growing at more than 45,000 views.

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