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Saintz, a pop/dance group from the UK have had a great start to their music journey. Nearly 3 years in, Saintz have released their first album, ‘Goosebumps’, alongside multiple successful singles. 


Saintz released their latest single, ‘Hold On Tight’ in 2023. Saintz want to continue to use their music to convey a message of positivity and good mental health over the young people of this generation, empowering their listeners to be the best versions of themselves that they can be in this world. 


‘Beautiful World’ has been Saintz most popular song so far, reaching over 253,000 streams on Spotify and 85,000 views on the music video. Saintz travel all over the UK sharing their music. Not only that, Saintz have already performed internationally in Norway and Poland with more to come this summer! 


This year you can see Saintz at events and festivals throughout 2023. Don’t miss it!


Coming from the Light Music family, Saintz are definitely set up for a big future ahead.

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